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I’m running for Rochester City Council because I want to bring balance to the group. I hope to bring something different to council. I am not a politician or a business person, and I’m not involved in money management or real estate. I believe that there is room on Council for a different/outside/new perspective. I seek to bring a progressive voice to Rochester City Council.


Further, there is value to the community in having representation from individuals that live downtown - in town. My family and I turn to Main St. for all of our needs - shopping, dining, entertainment, leisure, heck we even fish there - my family’s home is intimately linked to Main St.


Not only do I want and need a prosperous and approachable downtown, but I’m interested in better linking Oakland U with our community. We have a huge, top-tier school right down the road, we can do a better job leveraging that for both places. In the past I invited OU faculty to Rochester to speak on 5G and have worked with folks on the cemetery board and Pixley Funeral Home to get land allocated for the medical school’s anatomy program. I want Rochester and surrounding communities to feel proud to claim OU as our school.


Lastly, I think it is important to revisit public transportation for Rochester, I’ve been in contact with folks from Smart and suggest we seek (at very least) the presentation of a plan. I have a special needs daughter that will need transportation to get to and from work, groceries, etc. We need a more convenient way for folks to get downtown and to get around our area, like to campus. A modest increase in public transportation will go a long way toward reducing traffic and parking woes as well. We are THE Main St. for the area, let's make it easier for folks to get here to frequent our shops and restaurants and make it easier for our neighbors to move about the city.


Putting My Experience
to Work

I am a resident of downtown Rochester, devoted husband to my incredible wife and father to two wonderful teen daughters. I am a Professor and Chair of the Department of Foundational Medical Studies at the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine.


I am compelled to serve the various communities in which I live my life: home, work, neighborhood and city.

My 25 years in medical school education and leadership has prepared me well to help our community. I currently serve on the Governing Board for the OPC, Chair the City's Compensation Committee and serve on OPEB for the City of Rochester.

Help me bring balance to the Rochester City Council. I bring a different, thoughtful and considered perspective that we need to continue to be the premiere community in Southeast Michigan.



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